The message that you wish to convey, in a documentary, can be realized with our help.
Interfilm has extensive experience in producing all genres of documentaries.

What is a professional documentary film?
As the name suggests, a documentary film aims to document a certain reality from a broad range of perspectives to make the presented narrative as authentic and objective as possible. Documentary films are categorically non-fictional with the involved characters being actual individuals.

How to create a perfect documentary film?
A timeless documentary requires the perfect story that captures the underlying theme and reality presented by the film. It is only possible to create such a reality by combining world-class cinematography with extensive production experience. For instance, if the story is about street crime, it is paramount to shoot in dark and despondent alleys to accurately present the violent and cruel nature of such existence.

Accordingly, the production team must meticulously choose the suitable environment, video and audio composition, lighting, and actors. On the other hand, if a documentary aims to shine a light on urban architecture, the focus must be on using ambient light, lines, composition, and slow camera movement. This paints a calm, relaxing, and secure environment, that any individual dreams of living in.

What kind of documentaries have we produced?

The classic documentary:

The goal is to explain a narrative objectively to the audience. The story can evolve around nature, a historical event, society, and more. Voice-overs, interviews, and reconstructions are usually incorporated in most classic documentaries.

Interfilm has produced among others the documentary “Europe from Above” for National Geographic Channel, which showcases national European landmarks and construction ingenuity from an unparalleled perspective.

The observing documentary:
The observing documentary aims to showcase reality objectively by abstaining from any kind of interference that could shift the actual narrative. This type of documentary rarely utilizes voice-over or structured interviews. The camera is simply fly on the wall.

Interfilm was tasked to create an observing documentary by Sony Music Entertainment, about the lifestyle of the famous artist, Gilli in Spain. This documentary aired on the tv program “Uden Filter” with the famous tv presenters Hav and Kamal as hosts. Our team was responsible for the entire process from pre- to post-production.

The poetic documentary:
This type of documentary concentrates on creating an atmosphere that primarily appeals to pathos, illustration takes precedence over narration. The aim is to express a certain reality aesthetically, strongly emphasizing eliciting emotions in the audience.

Interfilm produced a documentary in Dubai, that captures the fruits of hard work for the influential international music producer Node. As a musician with Kurdish roots, Node has brought young people from the west and the east together with his music. He needed our production team to convey his message of unity to the world.

The dramatic documentary:
The dramatic documentary resembles and incorporates some elements from traditional movies, Interfilm applies cinematic effects in creating an attractive and exciting narrative that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats by using among others our soundtracks from a library with access to worldwide music. By utilizing the correct lighting, environment, and background music, we make sure that the documented events are staged and reality is reinterpreted and reconstructed.

Interfilm Production team was called by the Global Organization of Deminers, after a free online consultation, our team took the entire responsibility of producing a documentary film about the unsung heroes of Iraqi Kurdistan, the deminers who jeopardize their lives in creating a safer world. During the production experience, we were deeply honoured by meeting and interviewing his excellency the former president of the Iraqi court Rizgar Muhammad Amin.

The engaging documentary:
The engaging documentary is centered around the main character and his/her personal experiences. It is common to incorporate many interviews and capture a personal story that would otherwise be unknown to the audience. The creation of a crystal-clear storyline is essential in a successful engaging documentary.

Interfilm Production team created this documentary for the world-renowned Hollywood movie star Roland Møller, in the documentary Roland takes the audience through some of his identity-defining life experiences. He shares unparalleled wisdom and his journey from being a common street criminal to becoming a costar with Hollywood’s biggest movie star namely the Rock in the movie Skyscraper. Throughout this documentary, Roland explains to the youth that no matter how much despair and cruelty they experience, there is always hope for improvement and success if a simple and manageable daily routine is followed consistently.

Project Management:
We take responsibility for planning, organizing, and managing your project from start to finish. We make sure that your criteria are met without spending your precious time. That way, you get the documentary you dream of without worrying about your own time.

Our work is boundless, and we provide free physical and/or online consultation for everyone around the globe interested in creating everlasting content.

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