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A professional commercial is your path to reaching new horizons.

Take your brand image to an unprecedented level with us

Our educated and experienced multimedia team is capable of capturing the reality that you want to present. We can produce any type of commercial with outstanding quality about your brand. The commercial videos will be fully compatible with any digital format or setting such as mobile, pc, ipad, cinema etc. We are prepared to guide you in choosing the most suitable digital format for the platform of your choice.

We can create a memorable commercial for your brand.

Millions of commercial videos are made, however, most fail to reach the desired audience. These commercials lack a solid story and the necessary cinematographic elements.

The story and message of your brand in a commercial video must capture the attention and emotions of the audience. Our educated team is capable of presenting a fresh perspective by applying the correct psychological-and cinematographic elements to your video in order to give the audience a memorable experience.

Why is it essential to use an educated cinematographer?

As an educated multimedia team, we have the practical and theoretical knowledge to capture the perfect image of your brand. Our background and competencies are ideal for enlivening stills and making them memorable. The outstanding commercial requires delicate video editing, composition, and depth.

What is the price of a professional commercial video?

We do not have a standard price for a commercial video, since one of the commercials that we have produced was similar. The price depends on your ambition, vision, and creativity. The value of the brand that you wish to present is the conclusive factor in video quality.

We provide the complete service package for you

As educated cinematographers, we can navigate your special demands and the unique challenges that come with creating a video for you. Our team can hire actors, find a suitable environment, utilize special recording tools, and do anything that is required in the production process.

Our team will already conduct research on your brand, business projects, and future vision before the first free consultation that you have booked with us. After hearing your wishes, we will present a manageable action plan to immediately start the production process in collaboration with you.

Interfilm is highly flexible and can accommodate unique challenges and demands. If for instance, your budget is not suitable for shooting in an exotic location of your choice, Interfilm will suggest alternative environments that maintain content quality while being economically favourable simultaneously.

Interfilm will produce a short commercial for your brand with world-class quality.

You have only a few seconds to leave your mark on the audience in an accelerating world. We will ensure that your vision and story are portrayed with concise and memorable details in a short timeframe.

Social media has become an invaluable marketing tool. Without the right knowledge, one can drown in selecting the correct video format from thousands of video formats for social media. Interfilm has extensive experience in making commercial videos compatible with youtube, facebook, instagram, TikTok, and other platforms. It is prudent to reduce the timeframe of a commercial video, in a concise manner, to capture the audience swiftly.

Project Management

We take responsibility for planning, organizing and managing your project from start to finish. We make sure that your criteria are met without spending your precious time. That way, you get the documentary you dream of without worrying about your own time.

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